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Tassel Blanket | DIY

We have been getting a wee bit crafty here at The Fabric Store HQ, inspired by all the amazing new season fabrics which have landed in-store. Here we bring you the fruits of our experimentation, a beautiful and EASY blanket which you can whip up at home.

SUPPLIES | 1-2 metres (or more, depending on how big you want to go) of a woven wool coating. Talk to our staff about fabrics that would be suitable for this project. Good quality thread & a sewing machine (or a pair of hands not adverse to a bit of hand sewing).Step 1. Cut your fabric to required size, leaving the selvedge as is. Step 2. Frey your fabric at each end, until you desired fringe length is reached. Remember to allow some extra length for knotting.Step 3.  Knot that fringe!! Alternating between colours (see image). Step 4.  Leave a few cms of fringe free, to tuck under your side finishings.
Step 5. Fold under your selvedges and hem. Voila!

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