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About Us

New Zealand owned and operated, The Fabric Store is a household name in Australasia, where we have been servicing customers with our retail fabric stores since 1995. We started selling fabrics online in early 2016, offering an exclusive collection of beautiful merino wool jerseys, Liberty of London fabrics and other apparel fabrics for easy online purchase – with our international customers in mind. Our focus is on natural fibres, with merino jersey, linen, silk and cotton making up the cornerstone of our range. We also stock a range of beautiful woven woollens, viscose and rayons, as well as specialty items such as laces, jacquards, leather and more.

Our Blog

As our business has grown, employing more and more talented, creative and crafty employees, we were in need of an outlet which we could use to share our creations – which is how our blog was born. We receive so many incredible fabrics through our stores each week, its only natural that our talented team members are constantly whipping up beautiful homemade garments and accessories. Whether we are testing a recently released indie pattern, dreaming up a new and inventive DIY sewing project, or just sharing our daily #memade looks – you will find it all here on our blog.

Our Philosophy

We are an eco-conscious company, and follow a business model that takes into account the future of our environment. Based in New Zealand, which has one of the most delicate ecosystems in the world, we are well aware of the deadly impact of mass manufacturing. We believe that questionable ethics run deep in the apparel world, and as a result, we base our business on a sustainable model of re-use.
The majority of our fabrics are designer ends & sampling lengths which we source both locally and internationally from high-end fashion labels. We have formed relationships with the best designer suppliers in order to bring you amazing and unique stock without the waste and ethical implications of manufacture. Any fabrics we produce ourselves (which include our Exclusive Linen Colours and Premium Merino Range) are done in conjunction with well-trusted fabric manufacturers. Our milled linens are China REACH certified, which guarantees fair living wages, HR practices and worker training, while our milled merino jerseys are produced by a New Zealand owned company that guarantee ethically produced fabric, made with free-range fibres. They also follow a strict anti muelsing policy and do not live ship their animals, to ensure the welfare of their animals.

For more information on our fabric supply chain and our buying practises visit our dedicated page: thefabricstore.blog/fabric-supply-chain