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Neoprene Bucket Bag | DIY

DIY Neoprene Bucket Back Tutorial from The Fabric Store - Buy Fabric OnlineThis weeks project is a Neoprene Bucket Bag inspired by a DIY from one of our fav bloggers Geneva of A Pair & A Spare. We decided to alter our bag a little by adding backpack straps using some metal rings we had lying around.

Supplies | 1m of neoprene, 3 Metal rings; 2 to hold the straps at the bottom of the bag, and 1 bigger one for both straps at the top (You can pick up these up from many haberdashery or even hardware stores…get creative!). A piece of cord to use as a drawstring, something round like a plate to trace around for the base and sharp shears or a cutting blade. Then the usual’s – pins, a ruler, card or paper, and a sewing machine.  All of our stores currently stock this super cool navy neoprene as well as a bunch of other colours.

Method | For the most part, we used Geneva’s instructions which you can find here. We decided to make ours a little bit taller and add backpack straps. If you want to see how we altered our bag keep reading below.

1. Trace a large circle onto your fabric to make the base of your bag and then cut out. We used a large plate that was about 28cm in diameter.

2. Then cut out your side piece and straps. To determine the length of your side panel, find the circumference of your base panel. You can do this by measuring around the base piece with a measuring tape or with math (Circumference = Diameter x 3.14). You can then decide how tall you would like the bag to be and don’t forget to add a couple of cm for seam allowance. We decided to make ours 38cm tall. For the straps, cut 2 long strips at 4cm wide and the length of your side piece.  You should now have a circle, a long rectangle and 2 long skinny straps.tumblr_inline_oged3fGS3n1rkdy94_5403. Sew the 2 side of the side piece together to make a cylinder. Before attaching the base, lay the bag flat with the seam in the centre and decide where to attach the straps. We made some tabs out of the neoprene the same width as the rings and used these to sew first the larger top ring directly in the centre, and then the two bottom ones about 10cm out from the centre of the bag. Tip: Pin then tack the bottom ones nice and close to the edge so when you sew the bottom of the bag the stitch lines will be covered.

4. Sew the base to the side piece, right sides facing together.

5. Using a blade, cut small slits every 8cm (just thick enough for the drawstring to slide through) about 2 cm down from the top of the bag. Then thread through your drawstring and tie it up!

Voila | This was our first time sewing neoprene for the blog and we really enjoyed it! It’s easy to cut, and this one was shiny enough that it just glided through the sewing machine, but do be careful not to have more than 3 or so layers while sewing as there were some points when the needle struggled with the thickness. The other great bonus is that you don’t need to tidy the raw edges as it doesn’t fray or look untidy. All up it took around 2-3 hours, and made for a very fun afternoon project, that has so many options to customise/ make your own! Enjoy.DIY Neoprene Bucket Back Tutorial from The Fabric Store - Buy Fabric Online

December 22, 2016

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