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Merino Baby Wrap | DIY

Merino wool jersey boasts a range of amazing properties, which makes it one of the best options for keeping babes & kids warm & cosy. It’s one of the finest and softest wool products available (perfect for sensitive skin) as well as being flame resistant & moisture wicking. Here at The Fabric Store, we have one of the best selections of merino jersey in the world! So, we have put together this step-by-step guide, showing you how to make your own baby wrap/cot blanket using a standard domestic machine.

Supplies | First off, you will need to grab yourself a length of the beautiful merino jersey we’ve been banging on about. We have retail stores in New Zealand, Australia & Los Angeles who each stock our full premium collection and more! You can also shop the collection via The Fabric Store Online.  For those who don’t live local to our branches, we have an easy mail order service for anyone living in Australasia & the United States. Visit the ‘contact’ page of our website to order your FREE samples.
You will also need a sewing machine capable of a zig-zag stitch, fabric scissors, pins, ballpoint machine needles & a spool of thread to match your merino.

The Steps

1. Pre-wash your fabric. Merino is machine washable (hooray!), just make sure you use a delicate cycle & wool detergent. After it has fully dried, cut your fabric to size. For newborn baby wraps, we suggest a 1m x 1m square. For cot blankets and other general purpose blankets just pick dimensions to suit your needs.
Our merino jerseys are generally at least 135cm wide, so you will be left with a little-trimmed strip of fabric. Use this to practice all the following steps, to make sure you have everything down pat. Seriously, it’s best to get all your mistakes out of the way before moving on to your ACTUAL blanket piece.

2. Double fold two (opposite) sides of your blanket to 1.5cm. Press flat with a warm iron and pin in place.

3. Zig-zag down the inside edge of your folded edges with a 3mm wide stitch.

4. See image – example of how your finished edges should look.

5. Double fold the remaining two sides. Press flat with a warm iron and pin in place.

6. Zig-zag down the inside edge, back tacking at the beginning and end to keep your seams in place. Depending on your machine, you may have to hand wind on the corners to get a clean finish (if you didn’t do a test run, this is when you will be kicking yourself).

7. See image – example of how your finished corners should look.

Voila! You are done!

Wrap your masterpiece up as a gift for serious baby shower kudos. Alternately, wrap your other masterpiece (aka: baby) up and enjoy the enjoy the benefits of merino for yourself.

August 13, 2015

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