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Leather Plant Hanger | DIY

The 70′s is back baby! And coinciding with one of the biggest indoor plant booms since the decade of suede, these DIY leather plant hangers couldn’t be more on-trend. With a nod to macrame (minus the excessive knot-tying and tangling) this no-sew project can be pulled off by pretty much anyone!

Supplies | First off, you will need to pop into The Fabric Store and pick yourself up some leather pieces. All of our stores stock a wide range of options & colours, just make sure you pick out a decently heavy weight. Chat with our staff and they will be able to talk you through appropriate options. Visit our website for store locations. Download our Plant Hanger TemplateScale this up or down to fit your chosen pot.

You will also need a sharp craft knife, a pencil and a length of twine/thin rope (we purchased ours from the local craft emporium). If you can get your hands on a leather hole-punch that is a bonus but by no means necessary.8-Leather-Plant-Hanger-DIY-from-The-Fabric-Store---Buy-Fabric-OnlineThe Steps |

1. Cut out your template, slicing along all the marked cut lines with your craft knife.
Leather Plant Hanger DIY from The Fabric Store - Buy Fabric Online2. Using your pencil, trace the template onto the reverse side of your leather piece.2-Leather-Plant-Hanger-DIY-from-The-Fabric-Store---Buy-Fabric-Online3. Using an appropriate cutting surface (no dining room tables people) cut out your hanger. Take it slow and steady with decent pressure. It also helps if your craft knife has a fresh blade!4. See example image – This is how your cut out hanger should look when you pull the sides.4-Leather-Plant-Hanger-DIY-from-The-Fabric-Store---Buy-Fabric-Online5. Knot your twine/rope in place at the points marked on your template. Experiment with different lengths and knot-types to suit your space/aesthetic.6. Alternately, use a leather punch and pull your twine/rope through, tie a single knot to fix in place.7-Leather-Plant-Hanger-DIY-from-The-Fabric-Store---Buy-Fabric-OnlineVoila! You’re done.

These are so quick and easy, it won’t take long for your house to reach ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ proportions. They also make brilliant gifts!DIY-Leather-Plant-Hanger-Tutorial-from-The-Fabric-Store---Buy-Fabric-OnlineJuly 15, 2015

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