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Leather Clutch & iPad Case | DIY

A couple of years back we collaborated with Daily Candy to bring you this super simple DIY project! If you are new to sewing leather this is the perfect project to get started and can be sewn up on your domestic machine.

Supplies | A piece of leather at least 23 inches long, a strip of leather 30 inches long and ¾ inches wide for the fastening, a pair of sharp scissors, sewing machine with a leather needle, a ruler and tailor’s chalk (or pen) and good-quality top-stitching thread.

How to |

1. Cut out a piece of leather 10½ inches wide by 22 inches long (to fit an iPad).2. Trim one end to a point to create an envelope flap at a maximum depth of 4½ inches. Fold the straight end of the leather piece to create a pocket large enough for an iPad.3. Sew up the sides using a leather needle and top-stitching thread.5. Cut 21 inches up the length of the fastening to create a split. Fold a 2-inch loop from the unsplit end and hand-sew it to the centre of the flap. We stock a range of glorious leather hides, perfect for this DIY project at all of our stores. Contact your local branch for more information.

A big thanks to Daily Candy who collaborated with us on this project. Check out the post on their site here.


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