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Frayed Edge Throw Blanket | DIY

Today on the blog we show you how easy it is to turn 2m of woollen fabric into a cosy throw blanket that will warm up your space (and your toes) this winter.

Fabric | Luxe Long Pile Stripe Coating – Charcoal/Pumice
This super luxe fabric has a tight weave which means that once frayed it will hold & won’t continue to fray apart.
For this project, we used 2m of fabric which will cover the end of most beds or keep two pairs of legs warm on a double couch.  Chat with our staff about which fabrics would be appropriate for this project and they will be happy to advise.

Supplies | Other things you will need for this DIY project are an unpicker or a pin and you could even recruit a friend to simultaneously work on the other side. You may also need a small rubbish bag or container to collect the loose threads that you pull out of the weave. We suggest doing this while watching TV or putting on a nice long movie. 😉

To get started, take your unpicker or pin and start separating the warp and weft threads. Work your way around the fabric until you are happy with the length of the frayed edges. This fabric already had a nice selvedge so we left it as is.  On the other edge, we frayed down 3-4cm.

If you try out this DIY, don’t forget to send us a photo of tag us on Instagram using #thefabricstore we love seeing your creations!

June 12, 2017

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