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DIY | Dog Coat + Matching Bomber Jacket

Have a furry friend in need of a cosy coat? Always dreamed of matching outfits?
Keep both yourself and your beloved canine pal warm and stylish on cooler days with a snuggly DIY Dog Coat and matching Bomber Jacket! Anna from our HQ team has a young pup called Helmut, who was in need of an extra layer to keep him cosy during the New Zealand winter, so this week on the blog, she decided to make use of the incredible wool coatings that have just arrived in stores!

Fabrics | Wool Coating – Charcoal plus Liberty Lantana – Fujio D for binding and lining.

For this project, Anna chose the charcoal coloured wool from our new range of wool coatings, the perfect weight for comfy and warm outer layers. View our full selection of wool coating colours in the online store here.
To give both garments a classy contrasting finish, Anna picked out the Liberty Lantana – Fujio D to use for bindings, the lining of Helmut’s coat and bomber jacket pockets. Using Liberty as lining for the dog coat meant that it could be reversible too, an added bonus! Anna made up her own binding using offcuts from the dog coat lining, but if that sounds a little tricky, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled for an incredible new shipment of ready-made bindings, due to arrive in stores and online next week!

DIY | Dog Coat
Anna drafted this dog coat pattern herself based on Helmut’s measurements, following a simple video guide she found online. She found it super easy to follow, with clear instructions on where to take measurements and how to apply them to the pattern. This DIY dog coat calls for minimal sewing which makes it an ideal project for a beginner – you’ll just need to sew on binding and two sections of velcro! Click here to check out the Professor Pincushion video guide Anna used.

Top Tip | Anna also decided to give Helmut’s coat an ultra-luxe finish by quilting the wool and Liberty lining layers together. Quilting sounds tricky but we found a simple machine technique that is nice and easy to follow! We recommend quilting your fabric prior to cutting out the dog coat shape, to ensure an even quilted finish.

Step 1: Lay out your coating and lining fabrics on top on one another, with the wrong sides together, ensuring your pieces are approximately 2 inches larger than the final coat pattern.
Step 2: Using a ruler and tailor’s chalk, mark your quilting lines onto the coating fabric. Helmut’s coat has 1-inch diagonal quilting lines creating a diamond pattern, but you can choose any size or style you wish.
Step 3: Pin the two layers together at even intervals of approximately 2 inches over the entire cloth. This helps to keep the two layers stable whilst you sew.
Step 4: Start stitching over your chalked quilting lines. The best method for this is to stitch the centre-most line first and work your way out from the middle, line by line, to each corner.
Step 5: Gently iron the entire piece using the appropriate iron setting for your fabric, then trace around your pattern and cut out the coat shape.

DIY | Bomber Jacket
Anna made up her matching Bomber Jacket using the J004 Bomber pattern from Kommatia Patterns. This pattern calls for a woven fabric of your choice, ribbing for the collar, cuffs and hem, matching thread, a front zipper and two pocket zippers. Anna also decided to use the Liberty fabric for the pocket lining and a binding section on the back neck of her bomber, to match the binding on Helmut’s coat! You can purchase the Kommatia J004 Bomber pattern here.

This pattern turned out to be an awesome bomber shape, with raglan style sleeves and two handy front pockets. We suggest this pattern would be best suited for an intermediate sewer, considering there are three zips and pockets to sew.

Isn’t this the coolest matching set?! Such a luxe pair as this is sure to keep you and your pup adventuring happily on those chilly morning walks. If you feel inspired to give your pooch a little love with a new coat, be sure to tag us in your creations on Instagram! @wearethefabricstore #thefabricstore

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